Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to visualize users with personas

  1. Knowledge
    Biographies of fictitious users of the future product.
    1. Personas are a way to visualize all the future users of an application.
    2. With personas and BDD, we can design user stories based around these understood roles.
  2. Strategy
    1. Begin with a table 3 columns wide. 
    2. Title the columns:
      1. Picture & Name
      2. Personal Information
      3. Goals & Responsibilities
    3. Create semi-fictional personas for all possible users; considering chief officer, investor, auditor, regulator and manager in addition to the usual buyer and seller.
    4. Google image searching for the job title is a quick hack for believable pictures.
    5. Enter semi-fictional personal data to complete the personas. 
  3. Execution

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