Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to design behavior with user stories

  1. Knowledge
    Processes captured in the everyday language of the end user.
    1. User stories are written from a user's perspective, and describe how and why the user is using the software.
    2. User stories should satisfy the INVEST principles.
    3. For a user story to be ready for development, the team should be able to describe the technical tasks (develop, test, deploy) for the bug fixes and new features required to complete that user story.
  2. Strategy
    1. Just about all user stories follow this structure:
      1. As a <type of user>
      2. I want <some goal>
      3. so that <some reason>.
    2. User stories must be prioritized by the product owner so that highest value features are completed and delivered first.
  3. Execution

How to visualize users with personas

  1. Knowledge
    Biographies of fictitious users of the future product.
    1. Personas are a way to visualize all the future users of an application.
    2. With personas and BDD, we can design user stories based around these understood roles.
  2. Strategy
    1. Begin with a table 3 columns wide. 
    2. Title the columns:
      1. Picture & Name
      2. Personal Information
      3. Goals & Responsibilities
    3. Create semi-fictional personas for all possible users; considering chief officer, investor, auditor, regulator and manager in addition to the usual buyer and seller.
    4. Google image searching for the job title is a quick hack for believable pictures.
    5. Enter semi-fictional personal data to complete the personas. 
  3. Execution

Monday, February 22, 2016

How to recover from disasters with Barman

Disaster recovery for PostgreSQL databases.
  1. Knowledge
    1. Barman is a database recovery tool.
  2. Strategy
    1. Install Barman with yum on the backup server.
    2. Verify the barman user has ssh access to the postgres user on the main server.
    3. Verify the postgres user has ssh access to the barman user on the backup server.
    4. Verify the barman user can connect to the database on the main server.
    5. Configure Barman with default settings, noting the incoming_wals_directory.
    6. Configure Barman to enable continuous WAL archiving.
    7. Restart the server.
    8. Test new backup and restore functionality.
  3. Execution

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to virtualize a private network with Azure

A growing collection of integrated cloud services.
  1. Knowledge
    1. Azure is Microsoft's cloud PaaS.
  2. Strategy
    1. Call support, those portals are a mess.
  3. Execution