Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to add dynamic text to Rails applications

How can you change your application from this...
To this?
It's simple! Just use embedded ruby!

EDIT: Thanks to Action Dan for some feedback that picks into the niche differences of web application frameworks.

Bear in mind this is a Rails specific post, but I will say that for purposes of building larger applications, the ability to organize and refactor code begins to become a problem

Rails also offers uniform ways to add and remove helper functions through package management, so I'm actually using the current_user function generated by adding the Clearance gem to my project. 

The simple markup syntax is one small reason people like using Ruby on Rails to develop web applications.

Using a helper function (that I didn't even have to write) are two "behind the scenes" benefits of using Rails to develop.

If your confused about the current_user helper I'm using, read more here.

Program on!