Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to prepare a 15 minute demo

Hey all,

I'm giving a 15 minute demonstration on ChatOps, so I'll walk through my process while I'm at it.

Fifteen minutes isn't a lot of time to demonstrate features, so I'll need to do a fairly quick overview.

There are a few main use-cases that I want to demonstrate along with an introduction and conclusion.

Whenever I want a task to go well, I build a tool that assists in the execution of this task.

For my presentations, that tool is normally a well-rehearsed slideshow.

Usually, either Google Drive or Microsoft PowerPoint is my go-to.

Using each slide as a single idea lends to presentational structure.

Well, I need to find out how many use cases I'll be focusing on, so I can start to actually build out the presentation.

Looking... (this is a process I do when I need to borrow an experts structure so my case has a stable base)

Okay, I found four target use-cases that I can make a strong case for:

These are the use-cases StackStorm has proven successful in promoting their solution with and I should be able to do the same.

4 (use-cases) + 2 (intro/conclusion) = 6 total slides

Doing that now...

Okay, after an hour or so, here's what I got:

Not bad, but I still need to go over my oral presentational strategy.

The basic idea is for each slide:

  1. introduce the overview
  2. discuss the body at a high level for ~ 3 minutes 
  3. then transition to the next slide.

And that's how to make a 15 minutes demo presentation.

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