Friday, June 19, 2015

How to create a StackStorm Pack

What is a Pack?

Pack is the unit of deployment for integrations and automations in order to extend StackStorm. Typically a pack is organized along service or product boundaries e.g. AWS, Docker, Sensu etc. A pack can contain ActionsWorkflowsRulesSensors.
It is best to view a pack as the means to extend StackStorm and allow it to integrate with an external systems such as Git, Google. AWS, Jenkins, etc.

Create and Contribute a Pack

Packs have a defined structure that is prescribed by StackStorm. It is required to follow this structure while creating your own pack and is also helpful to know while debugging issues with packs.
# contents of a pack folder
In the classic Proto-Hack fashion, let's just dive right in and build your first pack!

My first pack

If you would like to create a pack yourself then follow these simple steps. In the example below, we will create a simple pack named hello-st2. The full example is also available atst2/contrib/hello-st2.
  1. First, let’s create the pack folder structure and related files. Let’s keep the metadata files such as pack.yaml, config.yaml, and requirements.txt empty for now.
# Use the name of the pack for the folder name.
mkdir hello-st2
cd hello-st2
mkdir actions
mkdir rules
mkdir sensors
touch pack.yaml
touch config.yaml
touch requirements.txt

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