Thursday, November 28, 2013

Developing on the Rasp Pi w/ QT Creator

Hey All!

I've been looking to develop neat home networking applications on small, low cost devices, such as a Rasp Pi.  I think QT is a great language to develop with as well as learn.

For anyone looking to develop on the Rasp Pi, I am using Raspbian with QT Creator. I used this post and things work perfect:

I couldn't get it running with QT5 yet, only QT4, but I will post back with more success stories soon!


Monday, November 11, 2013

How to set up Arch Linux

Hey All,

Super short post. Recently installed Arch Linux on my laptop and loving it! Below I listed the guides I used, I hope you find them helpful as well!!

Best of luck Linux fans!

To really pimp your Arch install with all your faviorate offensive tools, check out BlackArch:

 Good luck! Comment if you get stuck somewhere ^_^

Update: running ArmArch on the RaspPi is also super easy and similar to normal Arch, raw linux baby!!